The Secret Life of Organic Groups

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at DrupalCon Los Angeles

If you’ve ever built a Drupal website with social networking features, you probably know that the Organic Groups module is a great way to enable group collaboration and sharing of content between users. But, even if you’ve used Organic Groups before, you may not be aware how its flexible design allows it to be used for much more than just online groups.

In this presentation, I’ll give high-level overview of the architecture of Organic Groups, and I’ll briefly cover the common group collaboration use case. The bulk of the presentation will describe and demo other interesting ways to use (abuse?) the Organic Groups module to create features like:

  • Giving different users editorial responsibilities in different sections of your website
  • Allowing users to subscribe to content by topic
  • Selling website and premium content subscriptions
  • Delivering online classes (including selling courses with Drupal Commerce)
  • Allowing users to "follow" other users in a social network
  • Creating "verified purchase" reviews for Drupal Commerce products. (where reviews from people who have actually bought the product are highlighted)
  • Other cool and crazy ideas using various entity types for both groups and group content types

This presentation will have a step-by-step demos of how to build these example use cases, and all but one them can be done without writing any code. (and that one is only a template override) Yes, it's true! They can all be done with just configuration. Come by this session to learn the awesome site-building power of Organic Groups!

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